Scott Bateman (scottbateman) wrote,
Scott Bateman

  • 20:39 Which episode of MST3K should we watch tonight? We have a LOT of episodes to choose from. #
  • 21:07 Thanks for all the MST3K suggestions! We're going with "The Space Children." We love Doctor Woman, #
  • 21:22 @colleenaf Depends on which direction he chose to walk to Japan. #
  • 22:18 We have survived Space Children. Which MST3K episode should we watch next? #
  • 22:19 @MamaSpell Wow! Is that even possible? #
  • 22:21 @Caissie Holy cow! That's you! You were on The TV and everything! #
  • 22:22 For the next MST3K, we're going with San Francisco International. I'm not sure I'm ready for this much Pernell Roberts. #
  • 12:17 Happy birthday to @KenPlume. Long may he wave. #
  • 12:26 My new rap name: Jay Peggy Peg. #
  • 14:22 @KenPlume Um, no! There certainly aren't dozens of hidden cameras broadcasting your every move on a special pay-per-view channel! Why? #
  • 14:25 @lizzwinstead My Pet Goat, Which I Shot From A Helicopter #PalinsBook4Kids #
  • 14:37 @snowak Manos, The Hands Of Fate? Are you trying to kill me? #
  • 14:43 I can't stop talking like Sheriff John Bunnell today. "Starbucks has great lattes, but some crooks need a latte of justice!" #
  • 14:47 @Mike_Doughty_ Hey, great set at 92Y Tribeca the other night! #
  • 17:39 @jamiekilstein That's a great cat name! One of ours is named Prince Of Space. #
  • 17:40 That last tweet was supposed to be for @carolrhartsell, not @jamiekilstein. @jamiekilstein must never our cats' names. #
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